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5 simple things to do this Shani Amavasya to remove career related obstacles

Shani Amavasya

The occasion of Shani Amavasya falls on the 18th of November this year. Lord Shani, the son of Sun Lord was born on this day. Astrologically, Shani represents the planet Saturn. November 18 is also Amavasya or the no moon night these two combinations make a powerful Yog.

Astrological Aspect

Per Astrology, Sun blesses with a great career, whilst Shani's shubh drishti or the blessings he bestows upon us can turn rags to riches. However, Lord of the planet Saturn is also the god of Justice and his blessings are only for those who are righteous.

Lord Shani's Birth Story

Lord Shani was born to Lord Sun and Chhaya, who was a shadow double of Surya Dev's wife. Three children were born to him from Chhaya - Manu, Shani and Tapti. Chhaya did rigorous penance to please God Shiva, when Lord Shani was in her womb.

Chhaya's Penance

She sat in the scorching heat of the Sun in devotion to Shiva. Whilst she sat in meditation, Shani was bedazzled with the cosmic energies and Shiva's blessings. He grew to be an ardent Shiva devotee. Also, he turned black in the womb due to his mother sitting under the scorching heat of the Sun.

Surya and Shani

When Shani was born, he was born black because of so much exposure of Chhaya's womb while she sat in meditation to please Shiva. Lord Sun couldn't look at his own child without disgust. His actions displeased Shani and his one look at his own father turned him black too.

Surya Dev's Repentance

Surya dev repented for his deeds, later. He worshipped Shiva without fail and Shiva described him why was Lord Shani black in appearance. Surya was delighted to know the truth and gradually both father and the son grew closer and understood each other better.

Shiva's Blessings

Shani dev was nurtured in his mother's womb with the cosmic energy and constant remembrance of Shiva. He was an ardent devotee of Shiva since his childhood. Later, Shani dev became his disciple and gained all knowledge from the source of Universe itself. Shani's unfailing devotion pleased Shiva so much he blessed him as an important ruling planet and be a just distributor of Karma for people's deeds.

Shani is highly benevolant

Whilst many view Lord Saturn as cruel and strict - he is truly very benevolent and a kind God. His unfailing stance for justice and fairness makes him a rigid God deity. He simply performs his duty and his kindness is such that it is believed he gives a lot of chances to people. Any phase when Lord Shani's eye is on you might be a very tough time to deal with, but in truth, you will come out a warrior and a strong person.

Importance of Shani Amavasya

If you feel that Shani has his eye on you and you want to turn it to him bestowing his kind blessings upon you, here are five simple things you can do to remove all obstacles in your career. Keep scrolling to know more

Light Diya's on Main Entrance

On the day of Shani Amavasya, which is also the night of no moon or Amavasya, light two earthen Diya on each corner of your main entrance. This will make sure that no negative energy is entering your home and will also mark as a gesture of celebration from your end.

Lighting Diya in Puja Ghar

Lighting an earthen Diya in the Puja Ghar will ensure a lot of happiness for your family. It will bring much prosperity to your home and you will be blessed with good things in life.

Light a Diya near Tulsi Plant

Holy Basil or Tulsi is considered as the most auspicious plant and most people have it at home for religious, medical and spiritual reasons. On Shani Amavasya, do not forget to light an earthen Diya near the Tulsi plant. Doing this on the Amavasya night especially attract Gods towards such a positive light source near a Tulsi plant.

Lighting up the Terrace

Make sure you light earthen Diya's on the terrace too. A terrace is an important place and when you keep it lit on the Amavasya night it will keep away all the negative energies, also as the Day is marked as Shani Amavasya, it will attract a lot of positive vibes for your home.

Peepal Tree, Diyas and Shani Connection

If there is a peepal tree near your house, make sure you light a Diya near the Tree on Shani Amavasya, it will relieve you from many Shani related problems. As you perform this ritual, make sure you do it with an intention of release and making positive changes in your life.

Everyone dreams of a flourishing career and if our career is progressing on the right track and our work is our passion and is getting the right recognition suddenly the meaning of life changes.

If you are an entrepreneur or a businessman and have faith in astrology then you should do the following to flourish and grow your business. 

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Prepare yourself for what could be a frustrating day when things don't go the way you want.

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An even approach works better in professional matters, so keep your cool.

A friend has some good ideas and they're very anxious to get you on board.

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