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Written by  Jun 23, 2019

It is true that Art has a power to communicate and touch the heart in more deeper sense.

Since the ancient times Art and Visuals are the prime source for educating and creating the awareness about the social and environment related issues.

This collaborative initiative has taken by  Art Khafism -a group of young talented artists leading by Chand Kumar Doliya, Nitin Sharma and Hari Prajapat and sponsored by Select City Mall and SDMC, it is a unique and innovative step to spread the awareness about the cleanliness and  importance of  focusing on the environmental issues and educating the public to make our Delhi as beautiful and clean city.

As an artists we blended different concepts together to make strong and impactful painting on the walls that can be touched directly to the viewers.

Through the medium of Art, we are trying to communicate with maximum people and make them understand about  the importance of all these public places in the reformation of a clean and beautiful city.

Before we painted, no one  even like to see this kind of walls where  generally bad smell and spitting marks and garbage found but after painting the whole place has changed into an attractive point for visiting and taking photographs...

Now when public passing through the place they stop for a while and trying to relate the painting with themselves. This is the whole idea behind the making of a painting on this kind of places....at least a small step can change the existing mindsets - portrayed by Seema Jain who is also the part of this venue Wall Painting Project.

This recent work on the wall of a public dustbin in the M Block of a Kailash colony is representing the underwater creatures and their struggle for survival and existence affected by mostly man made actions.

At some point man become selfish and just thinking about their growth, comfort, survival, sustainability and future but their actions and reactions are keep on  affecting the other creatures existing on the earth...

We are trying to focus and draw all the issues that affecting our environment through the medium of all this large scale wall Paintings.

We have a hope of a changes in society and that changes make  our environment healthy ...

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