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Written by  Dec 30, 2017

You might think that you know all there is to know about makeup, but people are always coming up with new ideas that make makeup easier to apply, or ingenious new ways to make your makeup look even more flawless and fabulous.

So, if you want some more makeup tricks and tips, read on, because we’ve got some great new makeup tips that nobody thought to tell you about.

1. Don’t pump the mascara

Pumping mascara is something that you see a lot of people doing, but pushing the wand in and out of the tube is going to put air bubbles in the mascara and that will eventually make it go clumpy. If you want to make mascara easier to apply, roll it between your hands for a couple of minutes or put it in a cup of warm water. That will thin mascara and make it more fluid, without putting any air bubbles into it.


2. Let spilled mascara dry

When you get mascara on your skin by accident, the best thing to do is to let it dry before you try to remove it. If you leave it for a couple of minutes, it will come off a lot easier and you probably won’t even have to touch up your foundations or concealer.


3. Shimmer the corner of your eyes

If your eyes are looking a bit tired, a bit of shimmer in the corners will make you look wide awake again. You only need a little touch of shimmer on the inside corners of your eyes and it will give you an amazing, youthful look and make you look a lot less tired.


4. Don’t rub concealer in half moon shape

When you are applying concealer under your eyes, you might have thought that rubbing a half moon shape would be the most effective way to conceal dark circles, but that will just make the concealer too noticeable. To get concealer to do its job and to blend in with the rest of your skin, it is better to use downward strokes with your fingers to create an inverted triangle shape under your eyes.


5. Learn how to tightline

Tightlining is a technique that makeup artists use to give more definition to the eyes and to make the lashes look thicker. All it involves is lining the upper eyelids along the waterline, rather than above it. It is a bit fiddly to do and it does take some practice to perfect, but the results can be stunning and it doesn’t look like you have got too much makeup on.


6. Look up and look down for thicker lashes

Here’s a simple tip that will help you make the most of your lashes. When you apply mascara look up as well as down when you apply it and make sure that you give both sides of your lashes a good coating. Looking up and down will help to make sure that you fully cover both sides of your lashes and that will make them look a lot thicker.


7. Tweeze after you have showered

Tweezing your brows right after you get out of the shower will be a lot less eye watering and it won’t leave you with red marks. When you shower, the warm water and steam soften your skin and open up the follicles, so the hairs come out a lot easier.


8. Mix shades of lipstick

Try using a slightly darker shade of lipstick on your bottom lip; it will make your lips look a lot fuller. Alternatively, if you don’t want to do that and you’d like something a bit more subtle, you could try just applying a darker shade to the center of your bottom lip, which will have a similar effect.


9. Don’t test foundation on the back of your hand

When you are testing foundation to see if it is the right shade, testing on the back of your hand is likely to give you the wrong result, because the skin on the back of your hand is unlikely to be the same shade as the skin on your face. For the perfect match, test foundation on your jawline. If it disappears when you rub it in, you’ve got the right shade.


10. Use scotch tape to get perfect cat eyes

If you have trouble getting clean lines on your cat eye makeup, try using scotch tape to guide you as you apply your eyeliner and eye shadow. Alternatively, you can use a business card for the same thing. Either method will help you get straight lines and get balanced and even angles.

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