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Written by  Apr 02, 2020

The government authorities, health officials and medical experts have been warning every citizen to avoid visiting places in groups and keep social distancing to beat this Coronavirus outbreak

Many of us have been avoiding public transport to contain the transmission risk since the past few weeks. However, a large section of the fitness freaks are still confused about visiting the gym.

Experts have marked the gyms to be amongst the risky places that you reach out regularly. The risk of spreading infection between two or more individuals seems very high due to a lack of space and equipment.

Novel Coronavirus can continue to live on humid and damp surfaces for several hours and days. Metal and plastic surfaces are particularly more habitable for the Coronavirus as compared to other surfaces. 

In the gyms, the risks to be borne by people sharing workout equipment are too high as they stand more risk being infected.

Get in Shape with Your 10 minute Home Workout Routine to keep yourself physically and mentally fit:

  •       Perform a cardio workout at home for a period of 10 minutes to ensure proper functioning of your lungs and heart.

  •       Perform a toning workout for 10 minutes to be in appropriate shape.

  •       Perform a 10-minute workout involving your tummy, bums, and legs for shedding off fat from various parts of your body.

  •       Perform a 10-minute workout involving the abs for toning your tummy muscles.

  •       Perform a 10-minute workout using your upper arms for toning your flab.

You must maintain a regular schedule of minimum of 30 minutes of total exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Other options to keep yourself fit is doing yoga or aerobics for 30 to 50 minutes, this will help you boost your immune system and will keep you fit both physically and mentally. Those who like to dance can practice that to keep yourself motivated. 

People who are not into exercise or workout things, they can go for at least a 45 minutes walk in your neighbourhood, but make sure you keep yourself safe by not touching any surface as that might be infected, so keep yourself fit and healthy by maintaining social distance and avoid touching surfaces outside your home. Also you must wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap, once you are back home. 

You must include healthy food along with the exercise is equally important and for that you must include fresh fruits, juices and protein rich diet. It is important to increase the intake of Vitamin C to boost the immune system. 

You must include lots of fluid like lime water, orange juice and lots of citrus fruits to keep yourself protected from this outbreak of coronavirus. WHO (World Health Organization) has also issued an advisory to take lots of vitamin C diet and keep yourself healthy and fit during this pandemic.

Grime or sweat is not recorded to be among the transferring agents of COVID-19.  According to the health experts, COVID-19 can only spread when an individual touches the surfaces with infected hands or bears the primary symptoms of fever or cough accompanied by breathing issues.

It is important to keep your mental health and immune system in perfect shape by maintaining your routine of meditation and physical fitness. You may find it tough to avoid visiting the gym or working out under the guidance of your trainer during the lockdown period. 

However, the experts want you to wipe all surfaces with a disinfectant that primarily comprises soap and alcohol besides taking a plethora of other precautionary measures.

Avoiding the sauna and steam baths is another effective step towards containing the outbreak. The steamy and humid air present in the chambers yields a huge risk of catching infections despite being therapeutic in nature.

Working out in the fresh air is another option that enables you to avoid the gym and contributes to your long-term fitness goals. You may even try working out inside your home by picking the most easily customizable fitness equipment.

For those of you that are practicing quarantine or self-isolation, working out at home is a great alternative. You can beat coronavirus by staying fit and healthy by following the above listed points.

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